Does doing accounting homework add up?

September 11, 2018

Society is constantly pushing us away from following our hearts; basically threatening us that if we don’t become a doctor, lawyer or accountant, we will fail at life. If you don’t do your accounting homework, you will flunk out of school and live on the streets right?

Rewind 20 years and ask every current doctor, accountant and lawyer if that’s ‘what they wanted to do when they grow up.’ We bet they wanted to sing, dance, play piano, or slam dunk all day long. But then they became adults and the threat of not paying the bills forced them to succumb to following what everyone is told is the ‘right’ thing to do.

Accounting has to be THE most boring though. Out of all subjects, this is the one that clients request us to complete for them the most, and for good reason: it’s not exactly interesting!

Adding more fuel to this fire of futility, results from a recent Price Waterhouse Coopers study show that 40% of the accounts payable process can be automated–including timely tasks such as billing and reporting. With the exponential increase in brainpower of artificial intelligence, this percentage is sure to increase.

So the question is, why study something you aren’t interested in, to do a job that may not even exist a few years after you graduate? These are very important questions to ponder. What a shame it would be to do all that accounting homework, for a job that might not even exist, when you could have been doing what makes you truly happy.

Our company was founded in 2016 by a math tutor who saw the stress this overload of work was causing his students, that’s why he decided to start doing peoples’ homework instead of tutoring them. Fast-forward three years and The Homework Genie has truly become a student’s dream come true. Let us grant your wish and get your accounting homework done by one of our Genies! Get a quote now.

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