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August 13, 2018

It’s Friday night, your friend texts you and invites you to a party but there you are, stuck writing your 10-page paper on Ben Franklin. You don’t care about Ben Franklin nor did you even choose to take this course; it is a worthless requirement for your engineering major! How does that make any sense? Imagine all the good times, new friends and fun experiences you could have if only you could rid yourself of this boring task. “If only someone could write my essay for me,” you think to yourself.

Well, we have excellent news for you, we are here! We have a large team of experts who can knock that essay out for you in no time, with an A or B guaranteed. We believe that the education system is inherently flawed due to the fact that it makes students take a lot of ‘filler’ classes; unnecessarily loading up students’ timetables. For example, how would writing the aforementioned essay on Ben Franklin benefit anyone except for perhaps a history student? Yet time and time again we have clients coming to us who are math or science majors with these kinds of pointless assignments. With so many students thinking “write my essay,” it is clear that something is wrong with the structure of the education system in the first place.

So let it go, stop thinking “I hate my life” and start thinking “write my essay,” one of our Genies will get right on it. We have a large team of experts ready and waiting to start on your work. Life is too short to waste on things that don’t make you happy, so reclaim your time, and, most importantly, reclaim your happiness and let the Genie do your homework! Get a quote now.

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