Don’t have any homework motivation? We are here!

February 17, 2018

If finding homework motivation seems like an impossible feat most days, when you’ve got plans coming up, all those piled up books begin to look worse than rotting fish. Yes, we get it. Who wants a to spend a weekend with an algebra book, anyway? No one really wants to miss the opportunity to spend a day in the sun, much less trade a good weekend out for a book full of equations that you really, really want to understand but, against your willingness and countless hours of study, still fail to grasp. Algebra is stuff of torture, everyone knows that.

Homework will never love you back and, honestly, those Tinder messages are not going to answer themselves. So how can you meet all those deadlines when you have absolutely no homework motivation and your phone is blowing up? Well, one option is to ignore the messages but, seriously where’s the fun in that? The other choice you have is to ignore your homework and fail your classes. Or worse, have your parents yell at you because you procrastinated. Either one is a grim scenario.

So, if you are struggling to come up with homework motivation, delegating all those annoying tasks to someone who can help you get your social life back, while getting good grades, may be the solution you are looking for. No, don’t feel guilty. If you want to go out and have a picnic, more power to you. Excess homework is not only the #1 killer of social life, it turns out that it also annihilates children’s love for school. The need for students to control their time and the different views on what happiness is from newer generations, have created the need for services who offer homework help. From math tests to whole classes, online homework services are helping students from all levels get their lives back. Students everywhere from junior high school to PhDs are being freed of tedious, pointless tasks to focus on enjoying life rather than suffering. Even teachers are joining the rebellion.

Homework has lost the battle. Life wins.

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