Why not pay people to do your homework? Much of it is a waste time.

February 4, 2018

We all have asked ourselves, at one point or another, is it possible to pay people to do your homework and, if it is, is it legal? How about ethical? Of course one ponders whether it is morally right to have someone else do your tasks, let alone if you are breaking some law. Well, I have good news for you: First, it is not illegal to pay people to do your homework, so stop worrying about going to jail. Second, it is not morally wrong to have someone do homework that doesn’t contribute at all to your learning. Actually, one could argue that focusing on subjects that are relevant to your academic career, instead of wasting time on general education subjects, is a better choice than wasting precious energy that you could otherwise invest in more important pursuits. It is extremely frustrating to stare at a computer screen, mind blank, glancing at the clock on the wall thinking to yourself “man, this needs to be done today and there is absolutely nothing I am going to learn from it.”

Nowadays, the benefits of homework are being questioned on all fronts, including its impact on health. It has been suggested that students are spending way too much time doing homework and that is taking a toll on their quality of life. Research shows that the more homework is handed to pupils, the more stress they develop. Here’s a video explaining how excessive homework relates to stress:

Considering how excessive homework disrupts students’ quality of life and how much time one spends on it, one can hardly argue that looking to pay people to do your homework is a bad thing. From a very young age, we struggle with piles and piles of responsibilities we need to juggle. Between after schoolactivities, tutoring, sports, chores and homework, living a stressful life is engrained in people, from a young age, as a responsibility; and it is just not right.

Life is meant to be enjoyed, not to suffer over piling homework that, in the end, does nothing to increase your academic success or, more importantly, the satisfaction with your life. Actually, some say that homework can actually lower test scores! It makes sense, really, if you think about it: try to remember your most despised teacher, the one who used to drown you in homework in an almost sadistic way; now, think about how you feel about the subject said teacher was responsible for— how do you feel about that particular subject? I am pretty sure you made an uncomfortable face just remembering how you were forced to be buried nose-deep in a book you had nothing but contempt for. I bet you wished you could pay people to do your homework then!

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