A website that does your homework? What to look for when assessing options.

January 2, 2018

In this day and age, the internet is full of options for absolutely everything that one can think of: from places where you can get cute cat videos (and, seriously, who does not like cute cat videos?) to websites that host real-life stories told by the people themselves, to an online particle project where you can manipulate sequences as liquid particles and make amazing visuals in real time. You know, because, why not? With this array of options that cover virtually every need ever thought of, it shouldn’t be hard to come across a website that does your homework. Indeed, a simple Google search can return dozens of services that claim can help you do your homework, or help you do it yourself. However, how can one trust these online services? And isn’t there an ethical dilemma in paying someone to do your homework? We address these common questions next.

The truth of the matter is that half, if not more, of homework assigned to students, is irrelevant. In previous posts, we have addressed the fact that the workload given to pupils is not necessarily tied to high performance in school. Most of the times, students feel overwhelmed and inadequate, creating a sense of frustration and producing a number of students who feel stuck and therefore, end up hating school and underperforming. More homework=good grades is an idea that is no longer considered true. Not only that, but younger generations are starting to value their time much more than their parents did. This, tied to the fact that most homework has mostly no impact on the academic success of students, has created a need for services that can free up the time of people that otherwise would be stuck on writing a 10-page essay on communication techniques when they are a chemistry major.

So, is it unethical to ask to pay a website that does your homework to free up time so you can have a healthy social life, exercise or focus on activities that fulfill you and make you happy? Definitely not. Unethical is to burden young (or older) people with useless, pointless tasks that take up their time, when there is absolutely no benefit for students. There is nothing wrong with hiring a website that does your homework to free up time that otherwise would be spent on stressful tasks.

So, how do you go about hiring a reliable, trustworthy service to help you with homework? Giving away your university login information can seem difficult, especially if you don’t really know what you are dealing with or if it is your first time choosing a website that does your homework.

First, check the reviews. Nothing is more reliable than word of mouth, or word of the internet, in this case. When checking for reviews, bare in mind that a lot of people won’t be willing to give a Facebook review for fear of people knowing they are resorting to homework services. Try getting a quote and evaluating how fast they get back to you. If they reply in a quick and professional manner, you are in good hands. Second, check their terms and conditions. A good website that does your homework will be clear in what their responsibilities are and cover you if any unforeseen issues arise. Ask around. No question is a stupid question. Third, make sure they have a grading guarantee. Most services will not guarantee an A or B on the last minute test but they may for any other tasks.

If you cover all the points we’ve mentioned above, there is no way you can make a wrong decision.

Free up your time, become independent. You have only one life, don’t spend it wasting away on pointless work. Let us help you. You won’t regret it.

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